Merry Christmas !

The awaited days

The days of love has come

Sing to these day

Sing the music of life

Sing the hymn of praise

Give the gifts of love

Give the gifts of blessing

Enjoy the day of hope

Enjoy the day of love

Greetings from heart to heart

Greetings from dear one to near one

Listening to the music of love

Listening to the Christmas Bell’s

Hallelujah! The beautiful child was born

Praise to the King of kings

Open up your heart

Dear one and love one

Let the winds of love fill your days

Let the warm beauties of Christmas fill your heart

Wish you a Merry Christmas !!

Our mortal life – a poem

this is a message to every mankind who breath today,

you know ? ?

..Life is too short to sit for a while

and to long to endure pain

but too short to enjoy

and too useless to work for whole…

we work day and night

toiling up every night where other sleep

it’s useless , it’s useless

what life it’s ?

a life full of miseries and also happiness

but all this are too short a day

we cry for a new day ..

but a new day has brought nothing

we wait for the next but nothing comes..

we sing the whole day and enjoy through out

but evening comes to be a time for tears

the Sun shine in the morning

and we’re glad to enjoy the day

but the sunset was a time for a part

it’s not too long we’re together

and it’s not too long from now

we’re gonna leave our Love one

death awaits us all . . . .

and this is not our home

not too far from today, Someday,

we’re gonna meet in that beautiful place

where all suffering will be no more

see you in that Holy place. .

see you there dearest.


What for?

What’s this life for??

A dream that never seems like a dream, a life that’s never great within and outside and a smile that never last for a day. That filled my life – Is this life I asked to myself, questioning in my own. At last, I have got my answer to myself – my conscious. What kind of life you do wish more to have? Have you not had enough. Where do you want to place yourself ? Asking.

I answer …

a life that no one has ever live yet.

I mean …

I don’t know I said again.

I believe it does happen to you as well.

Sometimes we question around to ourselves., asking several questions but what do we gain . What do we get ??

Nothing.. That’s what we gain.

When life hits you hit it back , so that it didn’t come back soon to hit you again. When you play a game play as if you’ll not loose at any matches. Sing as no one would dare to tell you that your voice are bad, even though it’s not good. And think as much as a beautiful things about life.


there’s a change in life but then remember you’ll still be you. This life is a few short of times given for show at a stage, and if the actor and actress is gone everything is gone. But then it’s not completely out of the box. There’s so much of things unknown and unseen – but what we see today is this life.

I always find life worthless and meaningless.

For what is this day – tell me?? I asked..

As I used to.

But my answer is still unheard, no one did answer me till today.

And I guess . It’s all about how we make it.

As for me ..

I find life is worthwhile living what I love.This is the simplest and the easiest way to live life.

Live to life.


Hope- You always remain with me

Just a little gift of thanks to hope

when things come, you are there

when things gone, you are still there

when everyone left me ,you are still by my side

when I’m broken , you give me hope for the coming

when I’m helpless, you give me hope

when nobody does, you’re always there for me

thanks, for being a part of my life

thank you! and I still hope to be with you.

Remember , when all things gone it’s only hope that is being with you.


When I die before I am death

Just imagine and think about DEATH

Thoughts on life and death. Thinking as if today is my last. Tell me if today is your last day, how do you do? Are we living each moment or are we just existing . Tell me are we living?

Have you ever thought of anything about death? Imagine. How you will be known if you die now? My mind keep on talking when I think about it, and sometimes I used to say to myself you’re not yet living. Didn’t you I said. And how are we supposed to be known when we die is what it matter . I used to be a person without a dream, without purpose I am just being alive that I used to be. When seeing only a death of person,dear one and love one – I came to doubt of what life is to be and asking myself , Who am I? What are you? This were my first questions questioning in my own. And sometimes I feel like I am dying even when I am alive, thinking all about it. And sometimes I said if life was just a little bit easier I will be more happy living and my life my dreams will be fulfilled – that’s what I thought. But it seems that was a dream without a dream, an idea without idea, a thought without meaning that I had; when realising it was a same on to myself, I started praying to God for understanding life.But later on, when time passes by with god grace I realized what life is meant to be and I really fell sorry, I owe to life what it has offer me. There’s so much of much more than I see, that I didn’t know this is what I do. You know, there’s much of beauty but we didn’t see, much of love but we didn’t have and didn’t even try to possess it. Life is beautiful but than it’s short. So as time passes I came to accept more of myself , my life and for who I am ,for who I was made of to be and living this life. And now, with the changes I have made, I can now live my life with my lovely family ,friends and amazing people all around me. It’s beautiful to have live this life today. And how lucky I am to breathe in this moment, just look around how lucky we are. Thank you God ! For this beautiful life, thank you mama for bringing to this world.

I guess you know.The only thing known of a person after his death is – goodness, achievement and work. Nothing you can be known of but with your deeds. Loving your society the place where you live can change your life a lot and improve your world. Ok., this life has no beauty to give you but you can make your life beautiful, when there is no flower you can plant a flowers to bloom . Likewise you can make, you can shape your life. This is what I believe. And remember,nothing do actually happen on its own and doesn’t exist in ready for us, it do exist but than placing it to the right place, that’s what it matter and indeed it’s needed. The only thing that is being kept for you and me is this life alone- the breath that you take in and out, that’s it. so we have to make it.

Today you live but not tomorrow, today you smile but not tomorrow, you cry today but not tomorrow. Things keep on changing in life it can’t be stop. Accident can happen everywhere and death can come at every time, and at every stages of life.,but then move on.

Sometime you fail to develop death mentality and tend to forget about the precious of this time. But if you do have this mentality I’m sure you’ll come to appreciate every each and corner of life and your life will be complete .

A work contribute for others is more worth living than a long life without a deeds, and a life with love is more precious than a life without love. When you realize death toil at every stages of life you’ll come to appreciate everything and everyone. Life is a change and not just a changes by itself but also a chance to change life.

Sometimes we enjoy life much enough that we forget death was there waiting for you and me. Sometimes we live as we we will not die just because we do live today.

And sometimes it is our conformity to the world that makes us forget about death. It’s comfort that keep you apart from death-bed mentality.

At times it is because of not doing our best that we are stuck into something .

Sometimes when we see a person die we realise death toil at every stages of life, and it didn’t count on years but to everyone. Life teach you and experiences reminds you.

You know? Today the sun shine for you, but tomorrow it may not. So, serve today, love today and live today. Your present moment is the right time and always remember – this day is precious. If today’s gone, it won’t come back. Live today.


Hringkho hi

Hringkho hi

Reipar kapo, aw hringkho

Hmei khu kapo in hmang che

Kho inphe kapo, kavar che

Thi tatlen kasum kapo, aw hringko.

Singna kajong le mona kasip

Hao na kajong le invai na kasip

Inpak na katlom, inreng na kasip

Lungset na katlom, in enkada na kasip.

A kadik ka tlo, a ka dik mak in anivor khum

Cham na sik katlo, in re in tha kasip ka hmu

Dam na sik kajong pha, nat nan a bom eng

Hringkho sei na sik kader pha, thi nan ahnai jo eng.

Hoi na kanei mak, aw hringko

Lungjing na kasip, aw hringkho

Ka toi tek a hringkho hlam hro na,

Aw ralei hringkho hi .


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